Interested in Volunteering?

Fill out the general form below to join our volunteer database. 

** must be filled out by ALL interested volunteers, regardless of program of interest  

Why volunteer with us?

  • Community service hours

  • Strengthen teaching skills

  • Build debate skills 

  • Strengthen judging skills

  • Flexible hours

  • Teach younger debaters

  • Join a team of super fun and awesome people B-)

We are looking for dedicated and experienced debaters with a special interest in giving back to the community.


ALL interested volunteers must first complete the general volunteer form (regardless of program), unless you have received a recommendation from an RFD board member.

If your application is approved, you will be:
-Eligible to volunteer in applicable RFD events (judging in tournaments, coaching in workshops, etc.)
-Added to our list of official volunteers
-Receive notifications of volunteer opportunities and requests, including but not limited to: RFD Hours, RFD Practice Network, judging tournaments, and more.

There is no service requirement for number of hours served. Participation in all events and opportunities is completely OPTIONAL. This application simply allows us to reach out to debaters we deem approved for volunteering in our events.

this page is updated regularly! check back for new opportunities


Reason for Debate is looking to expand the number of schools that we impact. As program lead, you would be responsible for reaching out to middle schools and coordinating with both school administration and teachers to set up the program.


There will be training to teach volunteers how to do this, and each volunteer will have a board member to update on all progress. Once a program has been established, volunteers will be responsible for teaching the provided RfD curriculum to students, along with ensuring that there are volunteers to help run the program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


If you have questions, please submit them to https://www.reasonfordebate.com/reach-us

If you have any questions, please reach out to reasonfordebate@gmail.com, use our REACH US tab, or DM us on Instagram!