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Southlake Middle School

Reason for Debate x SLMS

We plan to educate students on basic and intermediate subjects of debate culminating in a debate tournament, which will serve as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge.

Using Zoom as a primary teaching platform, our volunteers will collaborate with SLMS and its faculty to deliver a curated RfD curriculum.

General Information

STUDENTS WILL meet once a week on Zoom with volunteers in ONE HOUR SESSIONS from 4-5 PM, ONCE A WEEK starting on APRIL 22, 2022

All levels of debaters are welcome to join! RfD emphasizes small group work, and while the curriculum is designed for beginner-level debaters with little to no previous experience, accommodations will be made for more advanced debaters. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED.

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4/22:​ Basics of Public Speaking
  • personal composure, audience Interaction
4/29: Logic Debate
  • classical debate, logical fallacies
​5/6: Basic Theory Debate
  • structure of debate, roles of each speech in a debate
5/13: Basic Theory Debate
  • affirmative and negative, chain debate practice
5/20: Basic Theory Debate
  • rebuttals (1)- specific warranted analysis, grand strategy

5/27 Basic Theory Debate

  • rebuttals (2)- analytics, blocks

6/3: Basic Theory Debate

  • crossfire (1)- perceptual dominance, finding balance

6/10: Basic Theory Debate

  • crossfire (2)- phrasing questions offensively

6/17: Basic Theory Debate

  • PF partner strategies

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