RFD is now offering our annual FREE summer instructional session to beginning/new as well as experienced debaters interested in developing their debate skills.

Join us and learn from a team of talented, experienced debaters prepared to help improve your debate skills.

program details

When: August 9th - August 13th, M-S (4-6PM PST) 

  • Our instructional session is from 4-6 PM and we will be having an office hour session from 10-11 AM PST with the second half-hour (10:30-11AM) optional. It will be mandatory for students to attend for the first half hour to prep with their partners.

  • Saturday, August 14th will be a mock tournament day for all debaters to participate in;  Students will participate in practice debate rounds and receive constructive feedback and encouragement from experienced judges.

Who: students entering 6-9th grade 

  • Students outside of this age/grade range can still sign up! Contact us for more specific criteria for participants.

  • Both students with previous experience and completely new debaters are welcome. 

Where: online (Zoom)

  • Code will be provided following registration

What: learning the essential foundations of debate

Topics covered, including but not limited to:

  • Public Forum (PF) debate style

  • Topic discussions (IR, politics, etc...)

  • Public speaking 

  • Analytical argumentation (forming arguments) 

  • Rebuttals 

  • Cross-fire

  • Drills

Questions? Contact Us: reasonfordebate@gmail.com


Engage in video lectures over conference calls, taught by experienced debaters well-versed in competitive speech and debate.


Debate might be competitive, but that doesn't mean it's always a competition! Train in a friendly, welcoming environment alongside aspiring debaters.


With our great team of debaters, every student will receive individualized attention from a qualified instructor in small-group settings.


Put your debate skills to the test! On the last day of the program (08/14/2021), compete in our online mock tournament.

Interested in being an instructor/volunteer?

Click HERE for more information for applying to be a volunteer.